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Fakhro Contracting


Fakhro Contracting is a company that tailors its services to the individual needs of its clients in the area of electrical contracting.

Fakhro Contracting’s sophisticated combination of individual expertise enables us to offer a unique service, one that goes beyond the basic technical “know-how” of electrical contracting.

All jobs large and small, are assigned a management/project control team in offices of Fakhro Contracting on the job site.

Estimator-Project Managers in charge of specific jobs coordinate work progress with both on-site foreman and office-based field labor managers.

Fakhro Contracting's field force, depending upon job requirements, is further supported by a complete materials handling and delivery team, thus ensuring the certainty of supplies and equipment when needed on the job site.

When required, workmanship and system performance are evaluated with the aid of specialized equipment such as testing & commissioning instruments for optimum performance.

Multi-level controls, team coordination and built-in back-up systems mean that complications are anticipated and overcome before they become problems. Close control assures complete deadlines and high quality installations.

Fakhro Contracting aims for the complete satisfaction of its customers through on-time and on-budget completion of projects, large and small.



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